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What is is a human edited link exchange directory of best quality websites. Browse the directory to find relevant, high quality websites for free. Use our free link building software to improve your web site ranking, link popularity and bring free traffic.

With software you will have full control of choosing which links to exchange. Our automated system will verify reciprocal link to complete link exchange. System will periodically verify the reciprocal link and notify webmaster if link is removed in future.

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Link Exchange

Link exchange requests are contacting someone and asking for them to link to your site. If you find a site related to your website theme that you would like a backlink from, you can contact the site webmaster, providing them with information on what your site is, why you think it would be good to link to your site, and the anchor text with which you’d like to be linked to. link building software makes this process easy by allowing you to find relevant link from one place, you don’t need to go door to door with your website.


Backlinks (also called Inbound linking) is the most well known link structure elements in search engine optimization. Backlinks are the links that points into your web site from and outside web site.

How search engine measures the value of a backlink?

Anchor Text

The link’s anchor text should contain relevant keywords. The link text should also match the target page subject in order to be considered relevant.

Link from relevant website

A relevant web site linked to the most relevant category on your web site offers the highest value. A link from a web site that has little or no relevance to your site doesn’t help increase your site’s popularity in the eyes of search engines. It won’t hurt your site, however, in most cases, Irrelevant links harm a web site if the link turn out to be art of a link farm. Link farms are networks of web sites built for the purpose of driving up link popularity.

Natural link acquisition

It’s important to have high ranked web sites pointing links to your site. It’s more common to see a variety of new established websites interested in link exchange. It doesn’t harm your ranking to have good links, and there’s no reason not to solicit links from relevant experts in your industry, but a natural link distribution is something to keep in mind.

Ethical site relationship

Obtaining links from ethical web sites have a lasting effect on your web site’s rankings. Choosing sites that deliberately try to boost link popularity through link farms may lead to a drop in rankings or more drastic search engine penalties such as being removed from the index. When you’re engaged in link-building efforts, give serious thought to the types of webs sites that you’re asking to link to you.

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What are reciprocal links?

Reciprocal links are when two sites link to each other: Site A links to Site B and site B links to site A. Links between authority sites are natural and expected, whereas links between non-expert sites are of limited value.

How not to obtain links

Do not spam: Do not send mass emails requesting link exchange. Bulk email can be quick and easy to send but spam filters may block or remove bulk email from user’s inbox. If you are soliciting links from a web site, make sure to customize each and every email you send.

Avoid incestuous linking: If you build a vast network of web sites that only links back to itself, it is considered incestuous linking. Your site could be removed from the index or subjected to heavy ranking penalties.

Do not buy links: Buying link for ranking is against Google’s guidelines, which disregards the weight of paid links. Be safe by asking that any links bought for advertising include a rel=”nofollow” attribute.

Do not use link farms: Link farms are networks of web sites built for the purpose of driving up link popularity. Link farms are spam, and you incur penalties for using them. You could get your web site yanked from the index.

Do not link from Irrelevant sites: It does not matter if the site is very popular: It won’t help you if your content is in no way related to their content.

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